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Spiral Scouts

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Spiral Scouts in Lytham St Annes
The journey so far.

Spiral Scouts a very brief history. The band was originally formed for a single performance at 'Mellow Yellow' Festival at the end of Blackpool’s North Pier in the summer of 2010.


I did consider whether this section should be written in the third person but decided not... Hello!  I am George, the bands' founding member.


I had come to music fairly late, after being gifted a guitar for my 37th birthday. Although writing poetry and lyrics had played no part previously in my life, other than the appreciation of both. 


Literally from the first moment I picked up the guitar, I began to scribble random thoughts and rhymes onto scraps of paper, and over the last 17 years or so those scribbles have morphed into around 60 or so songs. 

The music we write and perform is very much a collaborative affair, each layer is composed by the individual musician playing their own parts, Since the band began, I have been incredibly blessed with the calibre of musicianship that has assembled to compose, play and sing our music.


The subject matter of our music varies greatly, and can swing from sultry laments on love,  life, loss and the human condition, to Rowdy observations on our social situation.

Life is a Spiral and we All Scout for Answers.

Photography by Marcin



Latest Release
 Flying Solo
The Early Days 


'Time' - Spiral Scouts, Making of our EP 'Tales on the Tide'  Live session November 2023
Studio Vibes
The Storm - Spiral Scouts
Festival Vibes
Silence is Compliance
Spiral Scouts Featuring Scarlett
Lockdown Vibes
Beeswing Cover by Richard Thompson performed by George and Heath
Nathan lead guitar at Spiral Scouts
Nathan Beaumont - Guitar
George singer songwriter at Spiral Scouts
George Spittal - Guitar Vocals
Ed Bass at Spiral Scouts
Eddie Vernon - Bass
Zani Keys and all other instruments at Spiral Scouts
Sean Zaniboni - Keys 

Contact Us

For all enquires including booking us to perform at your Festival, Venue or Special event please use these contact details, we will ensure your request is dealt with by return...  Thank you Very Much


07902 998779

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